Firstly, welcome to our brand new website! We hope you are enjoying our Centre’s fresh, exciting and colourful new online presence.

The Centre has certainly been a hive of energy these last few months.

The Centre-Coordinator and Management Committee have worked earnestly to address the Centre’s funding crisis. This crisis emerged in the wake of its failed tender in 2018 for funding under the Empowering Communities program. After publication of an article in the Fremantle Herald highlighting our predicament, we held a very successful Community Meeting prior to Christmas on Wednesday December 16th. The Community Meeting was a wonderful opportunity for us to gather community views regarding the Centre.  It also helped to mobilise support for our social campaign to secure the Centre’s future. It was well attended by local residents, and user group representatives.  Local politicians, including Melville Councillor, Nicole Robins and the local, Liberal Candidate for Willagee, Barry Jones were also present and shared their perspectives.

Interestingly on the same date, the Department of Communities announced that it would provide yet another 1-year funding extension for KMFC until June 2022. Whilst warmly welcomed, this extension did not deliver the security needed to promote strategic planning, program development and partnership building in the medium-to-long term.  This concerning development resulted in numerous emails, phone calls and multiple face-to-face meetings with both sitting, Labor Member for Willagee, Peter Tinley, and Liberal Candidate, Barry Jones, and their campaign managers.

The State Election has been the perfect time to progress our goals. The KMFC has now secured pre-election promises from both the Labor Party and the Liberal Party, to ensure that we transition to the Empowering Communities program.  This will give us funding for the next 3 years.

This is fantastic news. At the same time, it points to further work.  The Centre requires not just promises, but tangible outcomes. To ensure that the elected Government follows through with their commitment, KMFC has initiated a petition to help evidence community support. It will also ensure that advocacy efforts continue after March 13th, 2021.  We have gathered over 200 signatures so far, but believe we can easily add to this.  If you have yet to sign our petition we encourage you to come down to the Centre to add your name.

In other news, the Labor Party via Mr Tinley, has promised the KM Toy Library $30,000, which will be delivered under a re-elected McGowan government.  Funds will be issued in its first financial year. The Centre has also been actively recruiting new members to our Board of Governance.

In short, our robust networking, targeted advocacy, media promotion and heightened activism have brought a lively energy to the Centre.  Furthermore it has underlined how integral KMFC is to the lives of so many people in the immediate locality and beyond.  Let’s continue in our efforts to secure the Centre’s future, so that we can continue to inspire, nurture and support our wonderful and dynamic community.

Author: Renee Case, Chairperson, KMFC